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When “was there light” in the Universe?
= 300,000 years after the Big Bang.

The first ever continent that formed on Earth is now part of South Africa. It is called the Kaapvaal Craton by geologists.

What separated man from beast?
= The domination of fire.

Where were the oldest animal traces found on planet Earth?
= In the Etosha Park, Namibia (up to 760 million year old sponges)

How many people lived on Earth in 1950?
= About 2 billion.
And today?
= 7 billion!


These and numerous more facts about Earth and the Universe are told in FROM BIGBANG TO OVERPOPULATION. It is an eyewitness account of the evolution of the universe from the origin to the present, in accordance with the most accepted theory of contemporary science. Many books have been written about this topic. But the history of the universe has never been narrated as a continuous chronological story – here by Yog, a quark – who has accompanied the process from the very beginning. Quarks are the oldest elementary particles in existence. Everything in the universe is ultimately made of quarks and electrons – everything organic or inorganic, natural or man-made, alive or dead. This is why they know about all and everything.


Review by a German reader:

I have found a very interesting book:


It can be ordered from the Author (, at I-Tunes and at Amazon as an E-book . It is definitely worth the few Euros.

The book should be compulsory reading matter in schools. It is written in an entertaining and easy to read manner. And yet it is based on science. Written in an amusing way in  the  I-form,  the style invites to read further.  A fabulous mixture of  history, physics, biology with a dose of philosophy. Everything important is mentioned in the description.

Peter Becker